Sunday, 31 January 2010

I haven't written anything for a wile so I thought I had better catch up!! I how have got the hot water tank back in after having to Waite for a flew extension because the walls are a little bigger now!! the heating is back on as well so its nice and toasty in there now, sorted out the wiring and as you can see we now have lights! and all the sockets work as well. I remade the bed in the back this weekend, I cant believe how long it is taking having to alter virtually everything by the slightest amount. Had the first casualty I burnt out my old faithful 24v battery drill, well it has screwed in at least 800 3.5mm screws and 400 3mm screws on this job alone!! so I now have a nice new 18v one which seams to be OK at the mo. all I have to do now is fit the fridge, air con and then sort out the shower/toilet room then a massive clean out and off on the 10th April to the show as long as the chappie making the new rear bumper and wheel arches comes through!

Sunday, 17 January 2010

I haven't done anything to it for a wile its been too cold!! I bought an electric radiator to get some heat into it!! so it will start drying!
This weekend I got stuck back into it, I couldn't refit the water heater because the wall is too thick so I have had to find a vent extension for it which should arrive soon! I started putting back the cupboards which was quite entertaining a bit of a balancing act at times especially as I was on my own! but I got there in the end , refitted the shower and Toilet room walls.
I am on schedule for my next deadline which will be the camping show.

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Well I have had a reprieve this weekend, I was superposed to be going to the bath and west show ground for a three day motorhome show but due to the weather it has been postponed until April 10th, I wont miss that one! That means I have officially only missed one deadline. I have bought a small electric heater to help with the cold!! which seams to be working quite well!! I have started putting the shower room back together but now run out of screws and heater pipe should be arriving on Monday!. Just been looking at motorhomes on ebay and now wondering why I have bothered I should just have got a loan and cut out all the heartache and haste!!! hind sight is a wonderful thing!!

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Oh dear I am havin real issues with this weather at the mo its so cold my dehumidifier wont work properly it keeps freezing up!! so the paper wont dry properly and is starting to wrinkle!! so I am going to have to fix this as well!! at least I got the back window in with no trouble! I have already missed one dead line! the next is the 10th January which is a camper show at the Bath and West show ground hopefully I will get there if not in the camper by car!! Not a happy bunny at the mo!! the pic of the dehumidifier this is after a warming session with the hair dryer!

Friday, 1 January 2010

Got a bit more done today put the ladder on and mounted the new bike rack finished putting the ceiling up ready for the final papering tomorrow then I can start putting the cupboards back in, remake the shower room, put the hot water and heating back on sort out the wiring, remake the rear bed, fit the fridge. then for the start of the next project!!

I got the back end on today with thanks to Shaun (next door neighbour) so now I can finish papering. I think I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel.
Happy new year to every one who reads this and lets hope 2010 is better than 2009!!