Sunday, 31 January 2010

I haven't written anything for a wile so I thought I had better catch up!! I how have got the hot water tank back in after having to Waite for a flew extension because the walls are a little bigger now!! the heating is back on as well so its nice and toasty in there now, sorted out the wiring and as you can see we now have lights! and all the sockets work as well. I remade the bed in the back this weekend, I cant believe how long it is taking having to alter virtually everything by the slightest amount. Had the first casualty I burnt out my old faithful 24v battery drill, well it has screwed in at least 800 3.5mm screws and 400 3mm screws on this job alone!! so I now have a nice new 18v one which seams to be OK at the mo. all I have to do now is fit the fridge, air con and then sort out the shower/toilet room then a massive clean out and off on the 10th April to the show as long as the chappie making the new rear bumper and wheel arches comes through!

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