Sunday, 28 February 2010

My to do list is getting shorter by the day.
Just got to put back the A/C, do the trims around the cupboards, tidy up the wiring, put shelves back in, find the gas leak, put curtains back up, re make one trim for the bunk bed, put wheel arches back on (when they have been made), re fit back bumper and lights, put outside trim inserts, back in, paint shower floor with rubber paint, get all the sealant off the body work.
Then call Jenny in to give it a good clean up in side even though I have done some of it today there's nothing like the female touch!!

Then start my next project, ie go touring in it to photograph bridges!!

Ive had a busy time lately so I haven't put anything up so now I have five minutes to spear this is on the top of my to do list!!
I painted and put back in the last window sealed the leaky front window refitted the toilet, wash basin, re fitted rear bed and front bed put all cupboard doors back on.
The last big job I have to do is put the Air conditioning back. I haven't done this yet because it is a two man job coz its heavy!

You will have to excuse the odd shaped photo's Ive used my ultra wide angle lens to get as much in as passable!