Sunday, 11 November 2012

Izzie and Thairee out for a romp in the woods I am just trying to get my iPad to work with this so hopefully it's now working what a polava it was!!

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Had a busy day today I decided I needed to sort out the Garage so I could fit the new freezers for the Hounds.
I put in a new Gas pipe, Gas detector, 12V supply and a 240V mains supply. Take out the very poorly made shelving and replace it with something a little more substantial!
To do this it took me Friday evening to put the Gas pipe in then from 12.00 on Saturday until 19.45 all day to complete the job I now have two 41ltr Freezers in the Garage ready for my Camping trip over Christmas!

 This is the finished job with everything back in place!
 The rebuilt shelving a n freezers in place with my cup of coffee!
 The shelving starting to be rebuilt this isn't going anywhere!!
 Everything removed and the new mains power supply in place
 The rubbish shelving that needs replacing!
The start picture with the rubbish shelving what a mess!! amazed it held together! At least I can use it to light my fire tonight! and had so many screws left over It weighed  about twice as much as it does now!! Thats another job off the list now just got to get a fuse holder for the 12V and its all done! Off to bed for me!

Friday, 26 October 2012

Fitting More Sockets

 Decided to put some more electric sockets in couldn't put as many as I wanted in this side due to the heater vent being right behind the box section! I picked up some cable at B&Q on my way back from doing a breakdown in Bournemouth this morning.
 The other side was ok managed to put two more sockets in not sure if I like the colour of the socket surrounds on there might change then.!
 The finished sockets on the N/S with the TV/ SAT and 12v sockets shame I couldn't move the flew to get some more in.
The finished sockets on the O/S I def don't like the colour of the surrounds I will have to change them for Black ones!

Thursday, 25 October 2012

The Latest Mods.

I have now put the skirts on just for the Hounds so they can't escape and chase those Bunnies!!
That was a bit fiddly I used sekaflex and screwed the run channels to the bottom then had to wait for it to dry.
When I tried to slide the skirts on they where very stiff I discovered the screws that I used the heads where too big!! so had to remove all of them so now its just the glue holding them on!
Must remember to cut the channels for the door openings now the glue has dried!
Hopefully this should be ok! the things I do for my hounds!
Now for some more internal electric sockets! May be tomorrow night If I can get some cable! and if I have the energy off to Bournemouth to do a breakdown tomorrow!!

Wednesday, 24 October 2012


On my trip to corfe Castle I managed to scratch it with one of the wind break poles! (really gutted!!) Decided to do a few modifications to the Motorhome I am going to fit some solar panels.
A skirt for  he bottom so I don't scratch it again and some extra electric sockets inside.
Thinking about putting a Sterling alternator to Battery charger on it also upgrading the Batteries to 125amp ones instead of 75amp which  will give a little more  power for my Scotland trip over Christmas.

 My solar Panels arrived today for some reason best known to Royal Mail they came form Portsmouth via Yorkshire it was quite amusing looking up the tracking records!

 This is the finished article  they are a 200w kit which cosy under £400 which was a real margin and best of all they work!!

This is the amount of electric they produce in my workshop at night under Florissant lights not bad A!!

Took it out side on Sunday on a cloudy day to see what they would do and to my surprise they worked just fine! well chuffed!

Now for the Skirt!

Corfe Camping trip

 This is my new Barby which worked out really well just need to get some more practice in using it a lot less messier than my old charcoal one!!
 This is my first dinner that I cooked on the Barby!
 Izzie pooped after a long day walking all  over Corfe Castle.
Thairee pooped after a long days walking all over Corfe Castle.
 A Pic of Corfe castle I forgot to take my camera typical great clouds and sun had to use my iPhone! which seamed to work ok for a record shot shame really!!

My First Trip

The first trip was to Corfe Castle which was on the 28th September for the weekend.
I took Izzie and Thairee, Billie and Dex went to Mothers (they had a great time they love it there).
The weather was fab we walked all over and managed to do only four Geocaches and about ten Munzees.
Tried out my new gas Barby which worked fine.
The hounds enjoyed them selves chewing on bones, then got the TV out to watch a film put the heating on in the evening all was quite civilised really!
Read some of my book its nice to go away and not to have to fix something!!
There new showers at the camp site are fab really powerful!! well worth a go!! next visit I will have to take the car as well and stay a little longer all went well and everything worked!

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

My New Motorhome

Thought it was about time I had a go at this again!
Sold the old motorhome and bought a bigger newer one an Auto Trail Chieftain. It's fab!
The company I bought it from are a complete waist of space!
Went to pick it up and the batteries where flat! Alarm wouldn't switch off, rear door locks didn't work,  they broke the electric cover, lost the external shower, reversing camera didn't work.
Amazing since it was surprised to have a service habitation, electric and gas check!! They had to fix all of this on Saturday morning before I took it!
Then the habitation batteries where not   being charger by alternator they told me on the phone that the new regulations would not allow this, which I thought was rubbish so I called Auto trail and they confirmed my suspicions it should charge and it turnout to be the charging fuse had blown!! When I got it home it had a bad oil leak I called them on Monday to tell them of all the problems they said they would come and get it and sort it out they didn't come in the end they told me to sort it out and send them the bill!! Turned out their mechanic had forgotten to tighten up the sump plug!!! Now still waiting for the alarm PIN number will this ever arrive?!! And the company's beam is Alan Kerr of Painghton!