Wednesday, 24 October 2012


On my trip to corfe Castle I managed to scratch it with one of the wind break poles! (really gutted!!) Decided to do a few modifications to the Motorhome I am going to fit some solar panels.
A skirt for  he bottom so I don't scratch it again and some extra electric sockets inside.
Thinking about putting a Sterling alternator to Battery charger on it also upgrading the Batteries to 125amp ones instead of 75amp which  will give a little more  power for my Scotland trip over Christmas.

 My solar Panels arrived today for some reason best known to Royal Mail they came form Portsmouth via Yorkshire it was quite amusing looking up the tracking records!

 This is the finished article  they are a 200w kit which cosy under £400 which was a real margin and best of all they work!!

This is the amount of electric they produce in my workshop at night under Florissant lights not bad A!!

Took it out side on Sunday on a cloudy day to see what they would do and to my surprise they worked just fine! well chuffed!

Now for the Skirt!

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