Wednesday, 24 October 2012

My First Trip

The first trip was to Corfe Castle which was on the 28th September for the weekend.
I took Izzie and Thairee, Billie and Dex went to Mothers (they had a great time they love it there).
The weather was fab we walked all over and managed to do only four Geocaches and about ten Munzees.
Tried out my new gas Barby which worked fine.
The hounds enjoyed them selves chewing on bones, then got the TV out to watch a film put the heating on in the evening all was quite civilised really!
Read some of my book its nice to go away and not to have to fix something!!
There new showers at the camp site are fab really powerful!! well worth a go!! next visit I will have to take the car as well and stay a little longer all went well and everything worked!

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