Tuesday, 23 October 2012

My New Motorhome

Thought it was about time I had a go at this again!
Sold the old motorhome and bought a bigger newer one an Auto Trail Chieftain. It's fab!
The company I bought it from are a complete waist of space!
Went to pick it up and the batteries where flat! Alarm wouldn't switch off, rear door locks didn't work,  they broke the electric cover, lost the external shower, reversing camera didn't work.
Amazing since it was surprised to have a service habitation, electric and gas check!! They had to fix all of this on Saturday morning before I took it!
Then the habitation batteries where not   being charger by alternator they told me on the phone that the new regulations would not allow this, which I thought was rubbish so I called Auto trail and they confirmed my suspicions it should charge and it turnout to be the charging fuse had blown!! When I got it home it had a bad oil leak I called them on Monday to tell them of all the problems they said they would come and get it and sort it out they didn't come in the end they told me to sort it out and send them the bill!! Turned out their mechanic had forgotten to tighten up the sump plug!!! Now still waiting for the alarm PIN number will this ever arrive?!! And the company's beam is Alan Kerr of Painghton!


Angela said...

yeah welcome back in the land of blogging xx

Adrian Johnson said...

well I thought it was about time and to put all my camping antics on here!