Thursday, 25 October 2012

The Latest Mods.

I have now put the skirts on just for the Hounds so they can't escape and chase those Bunnies!!
That was a bit fiddly I used sekaflex and screwed the run channels to the bottom then had to wait for it to dry.
When I tried to slide the skirts on they where very stiff I discovered the screws that I used the heads where too big!! so had to remove all of them so now its just the glue holding them on!
Must remember to cut the channels for the door openings now the glue has dried!
Hopefully this should be ok! the things I do for my hounds!
Now for some more internal electric sockets! May be tomorrow night If I can get some cable! and if I have the energy off to Bournemouth to do a breakdown tomorrow!!

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Angela said...

loving your blog Bro xx