Sunday, 11 November 2012

Izzie and Thairee out for a romp in the woods I am just trying to get my iPad to work with this so hopefully it's now working what a polava it was!!

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Had a busy day today I decided I needed to sort out the Garage so I could fit the new freezers for the Hounds.
I put in a new Gas pipe, Gas detector, 12V supply and a 240V mains supply. Take out the very poorly made shelving and replace it with something a little more substantial!
To do this it took me Friday evening to put the Gas pipe in then from 12.00 on Saturday until 19.45 all day to complete the job I now have two 41ltr Freezers in the Garage ready for my Camping trip over Christmas!

 This is the finished job with everything back in place!
 The rebuilt shelving a n freezers in place with my cup of coffee!
 The shelving starting to be rebuilt this isn't going anywhere!!
 Everything removed and the new mains power supply in place
 The rubbish shelving that needs replacing!
The start picture with the rubbish shelving what a mess!! amazed it held together! At least I can use it to light my fire tonight! and had so many screws left over It weighed  about twice as much as it does now!! Thats another job off the list now just got to get a fuse holder for the 12V and its all done! Off to bed for me!