Monday, 18 November 2013


It all started on the 21st December 2012 at 1300hrs.

I started loading up the Motor home with everything Dog!! filled the new freezers with Dog food, then it was time for my stuff lots of warm cloths hats, scarf’s, wellies , walking boots, slippers you name it I put it in to allow for lots of snow even snow chains!! then it was time for the computer,TV,DVD,ipad,and iphones by the time it was all done it was 22.00 and I was leaving at 05.00 in the morning to get to Sainsbury's when they opened!


My alarm went off at 05.00 managed to drag myself out fed the hounds (Thairee,Izzie and Nico) mother was going to have Billie and Dex but at the last minute she hurt her are arm and was unable to have them so I managed to convince Mia to look after them for me!
Then a nice culpa Tea and toast for me.
Loaded the hounds up set up Percy path finder off we went in the dark and poring rain!!

arrived at Taunton Sainsbury's at 06.30 to a full car park I guess everyone had the same idea so I parked in Halfords car park and took up a hole row! Then west off to d my hole shopping for the trip it was heaving in there took me about three quarters of an hour to get out! Now time for diesel I managed to take up three pumps, gassed up and ready for the road again next stop Forest of Dean! Had to do a pit stop a Gordeno services to water the hounds and me and get a nice strong Mocha unfortunately it was a Starbucks it was terrible and still more rain hope its gun stop soon!!

Will it ever stop raining? Rained all the way crossed the seven bridge got to the Toll booths met this very happy and helpful young lady who Nico took a shine to! And she thought he was quite cute as well! And it only cost me £6.50 to cross which made me feel quite smug! Now for the next town which was Monmouth where I had to turn right in the centre at the traffic lights according to Percy path finder I turned Right then about 300 yards down the road I was faced with a road closed sign!! the next interesting experience was to turn this lot round on a very small roundabout! Now what do I do? No map Percy says yes road says no!! back out to the main road turn right onto the dual carriage way and up the road then Percy found me another route off we went again brought me to this steel bridge with railway sleepers for a road (worlds most deadliest roads eat your heart out) it was just about wide enough for me heart in mouth over I went made it! Stopped the other side to call the camp site to find out where I was and what was going on! Apparently there was a land slip which had blocked the road! I needed to keep coming down the road I was just approaching the camp site form the other direction! The road just got steeper and narrower the further I went at one stage both my mirrors where touching the walls on both sides at the same time!!! well I couldn’t go back managed to squeeze through. That was a hair raising experience! When I got to the end of the road I was this sign saying no buses!!! made it to the camp site (Christchurch) booked in and told where my hard standing was!!

Road to camp site!!

Izzie spotted a wild Boar

Mr Nico spotted a squriel

Thairee spotted a leaf blowing in the wind!

Hard standing what hard standing! Had a few cobbles and that was it!! opened the door to the living area to approx 3in of MUD!!!! not impressed the most expensive and worst place I stayed at the shower block was old tired and worn out but clean I guess that’s one conciliation!! took hounds for a paddle in the mud nowhere to let them off the leads Izzie doing her usual I am busting but I am not guna P! Good job I brought my wellies! Glad I am not staying here for too long.
Now for a cuppa and sort out some Tee for me.

Came too in the morning after a horrible wet and windy night!! wait for it its raining!!
time for breakfast a nice fry up for me and tripe for the hounds now its stopped raining so loaded up the hounds in the Citroen and off to do a spot of caching wile its not raining! Had a nice little walk in the forest at least its not cold! Back home for Tee and to get packed up ready for an early escape tomorrow morning.
Left on 24/12/2012 at 0930 but couldn’t get out of the camp site they have changed the gate combination luckily for me someone was on hand to let me out!

Next stop Monmouth discovered why the road was closed there was a land slide which has now been partially cleared!

Now for Leek in the rain driving up the motorway had to stop off at the services for a Costa Mocha and in there I came across a shop selling rain coats for £20 bargain the beat purchase I made the hole trip!! 

Leek Town center

Leek camp site 

Thairee spotted a Rabbit

Mr Nico in his pj's

arrived at Leek on the 24/12/2012 at 12.30 really nice and helpful bunch showed me to my pitch.
At last a nice big hard standing where I can put up my windbreak and awning so the hounds could go out side in the relative dry to eat their bones! I guess one day it might stop raining!
At this point I’ve had enough I spoke to them about staying for a few more days they managed to sort it for me on boxing day!

Crimbo day

Christmas morning I went with the hounds to walk round the near by reservoir and do a spot of caching managed to get about a third way round when the heavens opened yet gain had got about 8 caches and decided to call it a day made it back to the car four drowned rats!!! back to the Motorhome to put crimbo lunch on and to dry out!
I had a lovely roast Lamb from Sainsbury's and freshish veg with boiled new potatoes yummie!! and a nice glass or two of Rjchoa the hounds had tripe sticks and bones! Watched ice age 4 on DVD heaven!

My Crimbo lunch

Just discovered One of my nice new freezers has packed up typical so now having to move frozen food round from 3 freezers which managed ok now have to sort out about getting it fixed when I get back!

Left on the 29/12/2012 for Delemere Forest wait for it in the RAIN!

No cars about in the rain!

Arrived in Delemere at 13.00 had a really great pitch no mud just like Leek and 10ft behind the Motorhome was the Forest which was relatively dry to go walking in! Did a hole load of cache and dashes here which was good fun for me but not much for the hounds so I found a couple that we had to walk to which was good to blow the cob webs away! Will have to come back here to do a bit more exploring one day! Maybe in the summer!

Leaving Delemere in the rain!

M6 in the rain

M5 in the ran

Left on the 31/12/2012 for Winchcombe yep you guessed it more rain!!!

M6 in the rain

Winchcombe camp site in he rain!

Arrived at Winchcombe safe and sound on the 31st and it looks like the rain might be easing up a little!! time to take the hounds for a wander in the nice 10 acre field where they had great fun paddling in the water! and time for a nice cuppa! and to watch the new year in.

 Nice sunset on the 31st

 Happy new year and the suns come out at last my new years breakfast shame I will be leaving in a couple of days!! best make the most of it!!

10 acre field


All good things must come to an end leaving for home in the sun why couldn't it of been like this all the time!!

Our final morning and preparing to leave must come back to this one to se what its like in the dry!

 M5 theirs lots of big lorries about today at least I and they don't hold me up only a couple of hours till home!

Wizzing down the M5 near the Taunton junction to stop off for the last fill up!

Watch out for the next installment of Dexthers crimbo break 2013/14 Loch Ness booked look out here we come!!