Thursday, 26 February 2015

Second Batch

The second batch has now finally finished hatching they started on Monday 23rd and the last one was on the 26th in the morning we had 27 in total out of 40! which wasn't too bad they are all now in the bath just waiting on 2 Fayoumis still in the incubator they have another 10 days to go. 

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Second Batch

I woke up this morning 24th to 3 very excited Doberman's and lots of chirping they have started hatching this little chap was the first I think it is a leghorn but not 100% sure!

This one is a Marane

The Chicks at 7 Weeks

They are now 7 weeks and are looking like proper chickens now in the next couple of weeks they will be moved again to the out side pen so I can clean it out the indoor house ready for the new lot of they might just go up,it Alison's! 

They no longer have their light so it's a bit darker in there. 

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Second batch

Moved the eggs into the big incubator for hatching increased the humidity to 65%. they should start doing something in the next 48hrs hopefully will have more success this time! Dum dum managed to drop one of the Fayoumis eggs and typically it was fertilie!! So now down to 2 eggs which should hatch some time next month. 

The eggs are on the bottom shelf in their hatching trays. 

The 2 remaining Fayomis eggs looking lose in the incubator!

Monday, 16 February 2015

The Chicks at 6 Weeks.

Well they are 6 weeks old now and they are growing fast! It looks like we have at least 4 hens not sure about the wyandotte yet! They are not eating grit and on growers pellets they seam to spend their time charging round constantly playing and eating! I had to remove the first Barnes leg ring tonight as it was starting to get a little tight! So replaced it with a proper one! 
The Chicks doing what they do best (eat)

This is tiny my new Buff Sussex cock he has a bit of a miss hap with his beak not really sure what he did but now he is not keen on eating but we are getting there with him at the moment he is with the Wyandottes, when he is netter he will go into the big run with the rest of them. 

Second Batch.

This is the second batch I candled them last night and out of 48 there where five infertile which I removed and replaced them with 5 Fayomis eggs to see what happens! 
I also got the incubator that I wanted the Brinsea 380. We went to Gordano Services on Saturday to pick it up paid £475 which I think was a bargin. On Sunday we went to Dawlish Leasure centre for a poultry show lots of stunning birds there. Brinsea was there as well I told them about the 380 they think I got a bargin as well which is good!!

This is my incubator collection a brinsea 40 octigan and the monster 380!

Tuesday, 10 February 2015


I have bought a new incubator (thanks for my nectar points) to see if this increases the hatch rate! On doing a bit of research discovered the one I bought (from ebay) was on the band list!! ie doesn't come up to UK standards!  So I got this decent one loaded it up with eggs on the 4th of February there's Rode Island Red, Light Sussex, Lavender Leghorn, Aracana's, French copper Marane, Cream Legbars, 4 of my eggs which shud be sussex of some description and a couple of silkies. 

It has an external pump for water so sort out the humidity with a turning cradle so it is fully automatic. 

The Fayoumis laid their first eggs on Sunday 8th February! (at last) which I had for my lunch they where odd shapes but tasted good!!

Frying nicely. 


The Chicks at 5 Weeks.

The Chicks are now 5 weeks old. They are starting to look like proper chickens now. They have started on big bird food (growers pellets) this morning was the first time that they have had it and they love it! I have ordered them new a drinker and feeder because the chick ones are now too small for them! Also ordered a new house and run for the outside ready for when they venture out! 

These where taken today. 

Not sure which ones are cockerels yet still in hope that none of them are! there's one with  dodgy toes which I am going to have a look to see what I can do about it! 

This one was the first one to hatch out.