Tuesday, 10 February 2015


I have bought a new incubator (thanks for my nectar points) to see if this increases the hatch rate! On doing a bit of research discovered the one I bought (from ebay) was on the band list!! ie doesn't come up to UK standards!  So I got this decent one loaded it up with eggs on the 4th of February there's Rode Island Red, Light Sussex, Lavender Leghorn, Aracana's, French copper Marane, Cream Legbars, 4 of my eggs which shud be sussex of some description and a couple of silkies. 

It has an external pump for water so sort out the humidity with a turning cradle so it is fully automatic. 

The Fayoumis laid their first eggs on Sunday 8th February! (at last) which I had for my lunch they where odd shapes but tasted good!!

Frying nicely. 


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