Monday, 16 February 2015

The Chicks at 6 Weeks.

Well they are 6 weeks old now and they are growing fast! It looks like we have at least 4 hens not sure about the wyandotte yet! They are not eating grit and on growers pellets they seam to spend their time charging round constantly playing and eating! I had to remove the first Barnes leg ring tonight as it was starting to get a little tight! So replaced it with a proper one! 
The Chicks doing what they do best (eat)

This is tiny my new Buff Sussex cock he has a bit of a miss hap with his beak not really sure what he did but now he is not keen on eating but we are getting there with him at the moment he is with the Wyandottes, when he is netter he will go into the big run with the rest of them. 

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