Monday, 4 January 2016

New arrivals

Decided to ditch the Fayoumis as they are too timid sold all bar 2 of the Dorking's which made most of the money this year bought 20 legbars and now sold them for a tidy profit! now going to concentrate on Araucana's and maybe Faverolles bought 3 new houses (dog kennel's) a second hand Wendy house to convert in to a high hen house restored one of Alison's poultry arks and started to make one from scratch! Egg sales are going very well can't keep up with the demand! All in all doing better than expected. Possibly going to do I bit of showing in 2016 something that I haven't done for quite a few years now! I  Bought Alison (from a top breeder) a stunning lavender Araucana cock all the way from Dudley which a new friend brought down to Cheddar and I picked him up from there also 2 blue/Red Araucana's. Sherborne marked I got 2 black/red, 2 blue/silver duck wing and 2 silver duck wing Araucana's. Then spotted an add for a trio of cuckoo Araucana's which I picked up from Exeter services now I am only 1 of 4 people in the country with them! They are all in the workshops at the moment waiting for their new houses to arrive! 

This is the house I restored with Alison's lavender Araucana's in enjoying the extra space!

These are blue/red and blue/silvers

This is the silver duck wing

These are the cuckoos 

These are some of the big outside pens the big one still haven't finished yet it's on the to do list! With the Wendy house!

These are the legbars in the back of the car on our way home wish I bought more now! 

Some of the Faverolles 

One of the nicer hen houses which now needs a new roof on it!

Had a little dabble with Turkeys ( never again)!

The black/red Araucana's with the cuckoos just need to find a black/red cock there's one in Northampton just got to work out how to get him!